The timescales involved are largely dependant upon how long your pension provider takes to provide the information we require and to process your application for payment. In most cases this can take several months.

If you are in ill health or suffering from severe financial hardship, the scheme will require evidence of this when calculating what benefits you may be entitled to. This can involve submission of medical evidence, medical reports from your GP and in some cases an assessment by a independent medical practitioner appointed by the scheme.

Obtaining and collating the relevant evidence can increase the timescales involved significantly. However if ill health or severe financial hardship can be proven, the benefits payable are normally higher than under standard early voluntary retirement.

Any pension commencement lump sum is normally payable free of tax. Any other lump sums or income taken from your pension would normally be taxable at your marginal rate. Any tax would normally be deducted by the pension scheme at source.

Important Information
Remember a pension is designed to provide you with benefits when you retire. 
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